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20 Fantastic Illustrations from CGsociety

CGsociety Illustration Works

CGsociety is one of the oldest Digital Art Communities to emerge on the Internet. I began to follow CGsociety development since the CGtalk forums existence. Today CGsociety represents a big community of artists bond together by the common interest of Digital Art. In their forums you can find excellent pieces of Work by some of the most amazing digital artists of our time. I made a small selection from their featured galleries. I hope you like them and somehow they help to inspire you so you can create even better works then the ones I listed bellow…

Hidden Nature by Goro

Hidden Nature

Mt. Doom by exsanguinatus

Mt. Doom

Frost Dragon by Anry

Frost Dragon

Artizel by KrotArt


Her Silent Silhouette by DanielConway

Her Silent Silhouette

God of War 2 by AndyParkArt

God of War 2

Talisman of Death by mckenna

Talisman of Death

Shark Encounter by Simon-Prime

Shark Encounter

The Baron’s Gang by kornel

The Baron's Gang

Just Married by ales

Just Married

The Ascend by henningsen

The Ascend

Grand Space Opera Entry by Tommy Lee

Grand Space Opera Entry

Ladies Of London by Enayla

Ladies Of London

Grand Space Opera Winner by Blackarts

Grand Space Opera Winner

Time Repair Machine T50 by Andead

Time Repair Machine T50

First Lesson by kerembeyit

First Lesson

Arctic Express 2008 by Raphael-Lacoste

Arctic Express 2008

Grand Space Opera Runner-Up by Levan

Grand Space Opera Runner-Up

The Avatar of the Great Enemy by PHaagensen

The Avatar of the Great Enemy

Keep a Sharp Eye by crabbman

Keep a Sharp Eye

London Rooftops by Raphael-Lacoste

London Rooftops

Troll Crossing by walrus

Troll Crossing

Blowout at Exit 16A by frameboX

Blowout at Exit 16Ag

Shark Rider by taeyoungchoi

Shark Rider

Lost Day by Esin

Lost Day

Anatomy of dance by San-metallurg

Anatomy of dance

Transformer-Death Blow by AlonChou

Transformer-Death Blow

Wall by henningsen