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10 Cosas para una buena vida

We are using a lot of beautiful things every day. Once we understand how beautiful they are, the life is becoming better and more interesting… and when not… well, then they still make our life more interesting! There are some truly beautiful things to make our life a little bit more unusual and vivid. Most of them are ordinarily but they can make our life and the lives of people around us a little bit more spectacular. The question is: do we need these things? – Of course we do!

1. USB Buddies

These small USB buddies look sweet and cool, but they are also damn useful! They look very distinctive and are available in a variety of styles — a small toy for big adults.

USB Drives

USB Drives

USB Drives

2. Puzzle Alarm Clock

For puzzle fans and for all who fall asleep when the alarm clock rings — Puzzle Alarm Clock. Nobody sleeps through this! It wakes you up by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air and then it is your task to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock — it won’t turn off until then.


3. Mandarina Cell Phone

Mandarina Cell Phone is something really beautiful for girls! Very colored, very feminine and very sweet! A mobile phone designed by Italian fashion brand Mandarina Duck. This colorful design creates a good mood and looks sexy; but it has some useful features and nostalgic accessories as well.

Mobile Phone

This retro-phone is at least as cool as Mandarina Cell Phone. A nice modern mobile phone with a retro-look. For the following suppliers of mobile phones usually no adapters are needed: Blackberry, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic, Sharp and Motorola. If you have another supplier you’ll need a special adapter.


4. Mouse-2

Mus2 is great for office equipment! Mus2 is a cordless optimal mouse which not only moves the mouse cursor on the display, but also looks like a mouse cursor. A pretty cool mouse which will manage to create the “Wow”-effect among your colleagues. Designed by Artemy Lebedev.


5. Animal Index Reindeer

Animal Index Reindeer is an index in the shape of animals that seem to jump right out of – and back into – your books. Decorate your shelves with these amusing indexes by inserting them among books or CDs, or using them as a way to mark areas where you removed an item. These animals will playfully make their home in your shelves.



6. Designer’s Knives Voodoo

Voodoo knife block. Who said that kitchen knives should be placed in a wood block? These voodoo knives set is an excellent present for those who love black humor. The little buddy has magnets next to the holes which will help you to stick the knife right into his body. Designed by the industrial designer Raffaele Iannello from Italy.

Voodoo Knives

7. Canape Furniture

This is quite a strange canapé designed by Lila Jang. Well, you won’t be able to stretch your body with this one, but if you often write with the paper placed on your knees, you will appreciate the beauty and comfort of this piece.


8. Shining Pillow

Isn’t it nice to sit in a dark room and observe something bright and shining? Right, it is! But it is even more beautiful to put you arms around something soft and shining and cuddle up to it! That’s what a shining pillow is for! A truly magnificent idea by Diana Yu-Ju Lin.

Light Pillow

9. Hepper Pod Pet Bed

What is it? The Hepper Pod Pet Bed offers the security of a mountaintop cave with way more style. It serves as your pet’s own personal sanctuary — a perfect place for curling up to snooze, hide, or reign supreme. For cats and small dogs.


10. Zoo Timers

Designed by George Nelson, 1965. Zoo Timers – colorful personalities from the animal kingdom – contrast sharply with Nelson’s sculptural wall clocks from the 1950’s thanks to their graphic touch. The Zoo Timers offer a playful and enjoyable approach to telling the time. These clocks are produced from the original design documents from the Nelson archive with the blessings of the George Nelson estate.

Elephant clock


13 Teclados de computadora que no has visto jamas

The roll-up keyboard

roll-up keyboard

These keyboards feature 104 keys in a standard QWERTY layout, but with a nifty twist of being the most portable keyboard seen to date. Simply roll the unit up when you’re done with it! A great tool for laptop users who miss their full-sized KB when on the road, or LAN party warriors looking to lighten their load.

The virtual laser keyboard

virtual laser keyboard

The I-Tech Virtual Keyboard uses a light projection of a full-sized computer keyboard on almost any surface. Used with PDA’s and Smart Phones, the Virtual Keyboard provides a practical way to do e-mail, word processing and spreadsheet tasks, enabling users to leave laptops and computers at home.

The wrist keyboard

wrist keyboard

Completely sealed, it can operate in the rain and other harsh environments. A curved back provides a secure and comfortable placement on the wrist. The keyboard layout is optimized to provide alphanumeric entry. Carefully positioned arrow keys ease menu-oriented tasks. The WristPC keyboard comes with an optional wrist strap to provide the capability of attaching it to your wrist.

The frogpad


The FrogPad mobile keypad with its innovative 20 full-size key layout optimized around the most frequently used characters sets a new standard in information access with superior portability and ergonomics, global adaptability, rapid learning and ease of use. Its unique patented keystroke algorithms enable it to be used in either a right or left-handed mode and with any international language set.

Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard

Maltron 3D Ergonomic Keyboard

These fully ergonomic two handed keyboards fit the shape of hands and the different lengths of fingers to reduce movement and tension.

The Orbitouch Keyboard

Orbitouch Keyboard

The orbiTouch Keyless ergonomic Keyboard creates a keystroke when you slide the two domes into one of their eight respective positions. You type the different characters by sliding the domes to create letters and numbers. The orbiTouch Keyless ergonomic Keyboard also has an integrated mouse, so moving the domes gives you full mouse and keyboard capability!

The Tidy Tippist

Tidy Tippist

The marriage of eating and tipping: the decorative tablecloth, made of felt, contains a textile keyboard. The electronic is woven into a fabric, which finds itself between layers of water resistant felt as sandwich material. The soft felt surface makes it a pleasure for fingers to tip a cozy keyboard.

The SafeType keyboard

SafeType keyboard

This well thought at keyboard will allow you to type in a relaxed position, saving you the pain. All that despite its futurist look. The supplementary keypad allows the user to position the 10-key numeric pad with arrow keys anywhere that is most usable and comfortable. It can be on the left or the right, or even in your lap. We are constantly amazed by the tremendous variation in challenges and how people find solutions for their own problems.

The Twiddler 2

Twiddler 2

The Twiddler2 is a pocket-sized mouse pointer plus a full-function keyboard in a single unit that fits neatly in either right or left hand. The Twiddler2 plugs into both keyboard and mouse PS/2 ports (USB port with the PS/2 to USB Adapter) on any computer that accepts standard PS/2 mouse and keyboard (or USB input). Combining major innovations in pointer and keyboard technology, the twiddler is designed to bring renewed enjoyment to current computer users and to attract newcomers to the world of personal computing.

The datahand keyboard

datahand keyboard

The DataHand ergonomic keyboard offers a total of 132 keys (more than even extended flat keyboards) through the use of five key switches clustered around the tips of each of the fingers. With four modes, shifted by the thumbs, hand movement is no longer required to perform keyboard work. Hand support results in the elimination of the major source of muscular-skeletal stress in hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, backs, and necks.

Optimus Keyboard

Optimus Keyboard

Each and every key on the Optimus Keyboard is a stand-alone display that shows you exactly what it is controlling at the very moment.

Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard

Where is the letters? Das keyboard believe with no keys to look at when typing, your brain will adapt and memorize the key position thus increasing typing speed.



Claimbled to the most comfortable computing device. It is a gaming pad, a keyboard also comes with a mouse trackball.

60 Wallpapers de Apple OS

We believe when desktop wallpapers are constantly changed, it not only help inspire ourselves but also spice up the desktop, giving it a fresher look. With the help of free wallpaper changer softwares (windows: here and here) there’s no reason why your wallpaper should station on desktop for more than one month.

One year ago, we showcased you 30 Nicest Apple, MacOS and iPod Wallpapers, and considered this as a sequel, here’s another 60 most beautiful apple related wallpapers; inclusive of apple logo, Mac OS X, time machine, iPods, and more.

90 wallpapers in total, some must be your favorite. Full list after jump.

Apple logo


Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X Leopard – Time Machine

time machine

Macbooks, iMac


Accesorio del Futuro

B-membrane Laptop/Desktop

Concept computer designed by Korean designer Won-Seok Lee. No bulky monitors, just a UFO shape system that displays screen like a projector. [via yankodesign]

Nokia Aeon Full Screen Concept Phone

The most prominent design feature of aeon is a touchscreen that stretches over the full surface area of the phone. [via engadget mobile]

Napkin PC

The Napkin PC is a multi-user, multi-interface, modular computer designed for creative professionals to collaborate and bring their greatest ideas to life. [via yankodesign]

Cellphone Code

This phone uses haptic technology to provide physical feedback for making a call. To turn it on…twist a section, to dial a number…twist a bunch of sections, to make an international call…break your wrist! [via yankodesign]

Virtual Goggles

Designed and conceived by Franz Steiner, he wondered what the personal assistant might look like in the future. [Blutsbrueder Design via Gizmodo]

New dSLR?

Concept of a digital camera which can be used in one hand. [perezprada via yankodesign]

Future Internet Search

All you need to do is point the tablet at any object and you should get search results as good as Google’s, just more interactivity. [petitinvention via behance.net]

Sunshine Pillow

We arent sure if it’s warm enough, but it’s good to own one. [Rei Gallery via gizmodo]

Capsule Radio Clock

Not rocket science, but definetely cool to get one. [sequoia-studio via tuvie]

Info-Live Watch

INFO Live is an data organizer for connected internet world. It is able to transfer data information to any hardware and person any moment in time of need. [via nextgendesigncomp]

Jive for the elderly

Jive is a range of 3 products that were designed to get elderly technophobes connected to their friends and family. [jive via tuvie]


Touch screen digital photo storing and organization product. [via tuvie]

Microsoft Arc Mouse

When you go advanced in all your computer equipments, the next best thing is to get a futuristic mouse. [via geekandhype]

Pebble Key Port

Designed with many slots so that user can easily group their keys into categories such as car keys, home keys or office keys. [via tuvie]

Pixel Perfect Hour Glass

Title says it all. A perfect gadget anyone wants to own, I suppose? [Pavel Balykin via yankodesign]

Calliper Style Radio

Like a precision calliper tool, 08 Radio by Mikael Silvanto lets you precisely find the station you want by sliding the entire radio unit up and down the scale. [via yankodesign]